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Admissions to Educational Science Master Programme are open

  • April 1, 2020

The two-year Master in Educational Sciences aims to prepare students for academic and professional interventions in the field of educational innovation. It prepares students for research into the nature, development and features of educational actors, institutions, related policies, and processes in educational development and educational practices.

Want to learn more about the Master of Science in Educational Sciences? Please visit the website. 

Students who don't have a Flemish degree are required to submit an online application for permission to study at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB).

Admissions for the academic year 2020-2021 are open since the 1st of December. We advise you to apply as soon as possible. Applications are processed in the order they are submitted.


How to apply?


Step 1: Apply online

The first step is to apply via the online application tool.

Please note that for some programmes, such as Bruface (Brussels Faculty of Engineering), you should submit an application via a different application tool.

Check the available programmes and their application tools via this link. Need a manual to submit your application? Find it here!


We advise you to submit an application as soon as possible. Applications are processed in the order they are submitted. The earlier you submit it, the earlier we can provide you with the result!

You can find the application deadlines on this webpage.

Application fee

Please note you should pay a €50 application fee if you have a non-Belgian diploma. We will notify you via email with detailed payment instructions. Please use the correct reference when making the payment.


Step 2: Screening

Submitted your application? Please make you submit all the required documentsbefore or on the application deadline.

The central Admissions Office will screen your application and coordinate with the relevant departments within the VUB to academically approve your application.

The final step is a formal screening of your application by the Admissions Office after which you will know the final result.

Please be advised the entire process can take up to 10 weeks. You may check the progress of your application via your Student Selfservice.


Step 3: Result of your application

You will be notified of the final result of your application via email.

If you are accepted we will send a Conditional Letter of Acceptance via email only. You may use this soft copy to start your visa application. 

Please make sure to let us know at which Embassy or Consulate you will be applying for a visa. This will allow the VUB to confirm your acceptance directly.

To learn more details on how to apply please click on the link.